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  • Tatang Suherman
    Universitas Terbuka


Adequate learning facilities such as computer laboratories, LCDs and internet networks. Teachers, students, and parents of students have the ability to utilize information technology (IT) facilities, but both facilities and capabilities have not been utilized optimally. It is assumed that if the facilities and capabilities are utilized in learning, it is likely that it can improve the learning process and student learning outcomes. In this case IT utilization is intended to combine face-to-face learning and online known as "blended learning". There are 24 elementary school teachers in Purworejo Elementary School who have never done Blended Learning, even though they have the potential to implement it. The solution is that they need training in Blended Learning development. Training includes blended learning planning, the practice of blended learning implementation, and supporting materials as prerequisites for implementing blended learning. The methods used in the training are lecture, practice, and simulation methods. The result is a blended learning, off-line and on-line learning plan.


pendekatan pembelajaran, blended learning, sekolah dasar

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Published Jun 27, 2019
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