Management Of Household Industry In Fulfilling Souvenir Demand

  • Jojo Mukti Hardi Universitas Terbuka
Keywords: souvenir, pengelolaan souvenir, pengelolaan souvenir pemerintahan desa


Souvenir is important data that needs to be managed by every organization in the village. Including souvenirs produced by the government at the kelurahan level as the lowest regional government. Souvenirs received and issued need to be managed carefully and thoroughly. Management of souvenirs at the kelurahan level will be felt by residents of the kelurahan and the kelurahan themselves. Community service activities in the Serua sub-district, tanjung baju sub-district, South Tangerang are aimed at providing training and mentoring on the management of souvenirs at the kelurahan government. The method used was in the form of dynamic, inactive, and static souvenir sorting according to the classification system provided by the Banten province souvenir center. Community service activities also train how to store souvenirs up to souvenir shelves according to the standard of kesouveniran science. The results of the training and mentoring activities were souvenirs at the Serua village level organized systematically, so that the government of the Serua village and the community could access souvenirs easily and quickly.



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