Perception Of The First Visit Of Travelers To Social And Culture In Belitung

  • Qmar Victor Prambudi
Keywords: problem development, training


The first visit of the tourists was carried out together with the partners of the Chemical High School Subject Teacher Consultation (MGMP) in Tangerang Regency. The place of activity in the Hall of the SMA 6 Tangerang District in Balaraja. From the results of the survey it is known that there is a need for Chemistry teachers in Tangerang regency to be able to develop objective questions that are computer-based considering that each school in 2016 has been shared by computers by the Regional Government. Therefore, the Partners are given grid development training, development of objective questions, problem analysis and packaging according to the characteristics of UNBK. The participants of the Abdimas activity received training in developing grids and objective questions. Then the teacher (MGMP member) tests the questions he made to his students. Teachers are grouped into six groups and each group develops a grid. Grid development activities and questions are monitored and evaluated for success by team members. After participating in this activity, the training participants managed to develop an objective question grid, develop good objective questions and can be used in their classrooms for the first semester X, XI, and XII classes. The Abdimas participants plan to develop the second semester objective questions for classes X, XI, and XII so that they have the same questions for the Problem Bank.


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