Quality Product And Excellent Service: The Impact of Repeat Savings Decision

Written by Paulus Wardoyo, Lia Kumalasari, Endang Rusdianti



The tight competition in the banking industry has forced management to be creative in serving customers. Research related to product quality and service excellence has been carried out, but the research is still done partially. This research combines product quality and service excellence by utilizing customer satisfaction as a mediating variable in the decision to save again. The study population was customers of deposit accounts. This study used purposive sampling, with a number of respondents as many as 125 people. The analysis technique used was structural equation modeling, the collected data was then processed using AMOS software. After analysis, all hypotheses submitted in this study were considered to be acceptable. The managerial implications of the research are that the service excellence provided by the bank must be a service that can truly be directly felt and provide benefits, so that it can satisfy customers.


Banking, product quality, service excellence


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