Author Guidelines

Author's Guide

Articles to be published in Terbuka Journal of Economics and Business should be based on empirical research results, or analysis of concepts / models which involve comprehensive and integrative discussion.  

The manuscript has never been published in other media / journals, typed in 1 space on A4 paper, using  typeface Arial Narrow, font size 12. 

The author needs to submit the article to the Journal system. Please register in the registration window, login and upload the article via a submission window on the Terbuka Journal of Economics and Business website, using the steps and information requested.

Article manuscripts must meet the following conditions.

  • Title: Use at most 15 words to describe the the main issue of the article, written in English
  • Author information: Under the title write the name of the author, e-mail address of the author/s, and the institution of the author/s.
  • Abstract: A maximum of 150 words. 
  • Keywords: Use key words which constitute the main concepts to facilitate article search. 

The contents of the manuscript follow a standard structure, with the following percentage.

Introduction includes background, problem formulation and research objectives, as well as theoretical studies and previous research results that are relevant to the research problem, theoretical framework (30%).

Research Methods, which describe the type and model of research, sampling, location and time, types of data, data collection techniques, and data analysis techniques (15%).

Findings and Discussion: a description of the results of research and discussion that links the results with the theory and previous research used (45%)

Conclusion: in the form of an integrative description of the findings according to the purpose of the study. (10%)

References: contains reference sources that are used as references in the text of the article, arranged alphabetically.

Acknowledgments: If the manuscript results of research sponsored by certain parties need to include a statement containing the sponsor's funding information and acknowledgments to the sponsor.

For manuscript which contains conceptuals based on critical literature review, the systematic will follow the logic of the presentation of the substance.

The length of the manuscript is approximately 4000 words.


The selection of Reference should consider that:

  • 80% or more of the references should be from research articles published in scientific journals.
  • The research reference year is no longer than the last 10 years except for classical references which are used as part of historical studies.
  • The reference style uses the American Psychological Association (APA) system.

Please consult APA system for more detailed information.

Use the article template provided to facilitate the review and editing process


Article Evaluation Procees

Submitted manuscripts which are in terms of substance considered potential for publication will be checked using Turnitin for similarity index with online references. If the similarity index is within reasonable limits, Editor will further assign a reviewer.

All texts will be reviewed anonymously by a reviewer or reviewers appointed by the Chief Editor.  Authors will have the opportunity to make corrections (revisions) of papers on the basis of recommendations / suggestions from the reviewers or editors. Notification of acceptance or rejection of the manuscript will be sent to author by the system email.

Final judgment of the manuscripts ready for publication will be decided by Editor. Published articles can be retreaved by the editor if later they are found to have problems.

Author is responsible for everything related to licensing the citation or use of computer software for making manuscripts or other matters relating to intellectual property rights, including the legal consequences that may arise.