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JOM is a media of information and communication for practitioners, researchers, and academics who are involved and pay attention to the development of the organization and management. Published by the Institute for Research and Community Service, Open University.

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Vol. 17 No. 2 (2021)

Published: 2021-11-15

The Effect of Technological Innovation on Employee Performance in Pandemic Era: Case from Banking Industry in Indonesia

  •  Sekar Wulan Prasetyaningtyas
  •   Aishah Aishah
  •   Brenda Hansen
  •   Deviana Kuspriandani

Page 122-136

Innovations in Coffee: Patents Reveal in Indonesia

  •  Maidina Maidina
  •   Ferianto Ferianto
  •   Tommy Hendrix

Page 137-150

The Effect of Green Marketing Function on Purchase Intention Through Corporate Image

  •  Zuwan Nisfu Nahar
  •   Yunita Budi Rahayu Silintowe

Page 151-163

How to Improve Scientific Publication Performance of Private University Lecturers: an Empirical Analysis on Individual and Institutional Factors

  •  Mairani Harsasi
  •   Manuntun Parulian Hutagaol
  •   Lukman M Baga
  •   Illah Sailah

Page 164-179

Environmental Uncertainty and Manager's Personnel Value Effect on Environmental Disclosure

  •  Luk Luk Fuadah
  •   Yulia Saftiana
  •   Umi Kalsum

Page 180-191

Village Fund Financial Fraud Prevention Model Using Analytical Hierarchy Process Method

  •  Muhamad Taqi
  •   Tubagus Ismail
  •   Meutia Meutia
  •   Sabaruddinsah Sabaruddinsah
  •   Bustanul Arifin

Page 203-216

Information Technology Adoption by Internal Auditors in Public Sector: Antesedents and Consequences

  •  Stefani Made Ayu Artharini Koesanto
  •   Fitria Husnatarina
  •   Rahmaddian Rahmaddian
  •   Faizal Madya

Page 217-233

Reflections on Teacher Job Satisfaction: The Role of Principal Supervision, Organizational Culture, Motivation, and Compensation

  •  Darwin Lie
  •   Sherly Sherly
  •   Edy Dharma
  •   Emi Wakhyuni
  •   Acai Sudirman

Page 234-248

Business Model Formulation of Social-Commerce Based Influencer on Instagram Platform

  •  M. Ardhya Bisma
  •   Aditia Sovia Pramudita

Page 249-264

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