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Jurnal Organisasi dan Manajemen

Organization and management journal

e-ISSN 2442-9155 | print ISSN 2085-9686
e-ISSN 2442-9155
print ISSN 2085-9686

Author Guidelines

Author Guidelines

  1. Paper is written in English must consist 6000-7000 words by using Times new Roman, 1 spaces, and size of 12.
  2. Place page number on the middle of the bottom.
  3. The title is not more than 20 words.
  4. Name of writer consisted of the 1st writer, 2nd writer, and so on and not to be abbreviated.
  5. Write down the email address of the corresponding author.
  6. Write the abstract in Bahasa Indonesia and English, not more than 250 words which consisted of the purpose of the study, data collecting technique, the result of the study.
  7. Key words are not more than 6 words and ordered alphabetically.
  8. The introduction contains justifications about the importance of the research conducted. The novelty generated from this study comparing the results of previous studies or existing umbrella knowledge needs to be clearly displayed. Complete with the main reference used. State in one sentence question or research problem that needs to be answered by all research activities. Show the method used and the purpose or research hypothesis.
  9. Methods contain the design, size, criteria, and method of sampling, instruments used and collection procedures, processing, and data analysis.
  10. The findings are sorted by research objectives or research hypotheses. The results do not display the same data in two forms, namely tables/images/ graphics and narration. There is no quote in the results section. This section explains the results of the study. It must be presented clearly and concisely. The author must explore the novelty or contribution of the work to economic literature. Show clearly the results of the analysis and the discussion using the main references, relevant, and updating.

  11. A section is written in narrative Conclusions are answers to hypotheses that lead to the main purpose of the research, in this section it is not permissible to cite the work of other authors and new information or terms in sections that did not previously exist. further information can be written in this section

  12. References by using APA style.