About the Journal

Alexandria Journal of Library and Information Science is a scholarly publication dedicated to advancing the field of library and information science. The journal provides a platform for researchers, professionals, and academics to disseminate their original research, theoretical discussions, and practical insights.

The journal covers a wide range of topics within library and information science, including but not limited to:

Information organization and retrieval: This section focuses on techniques, methods, and systems for organizing, classifying, and retrieving information to facilitate efficient access and discovery.

Digital libraries and technology: This section explores the impact of digital technologies on libraries, including digital preservation, digital resource management, digital repositories, and innovative technological solutions for library services.

Information literacy and user studies: This section investigates the development and assessment of information literacy skills, user behaviour, user experience, and user-cantered approaches in library services.

Collection development and management: This section examines strategies for collection development, acquisition, assessment, and management, including topics such as collection evaluation, resource allocation, and collaboration with content providers.

Library management and administration: This section covers various aspects of library management, including leadership, strategic planning, budgeting, human resource management, and assessment of library services.

Information ethics and policy: This section addresses ethical considerations, privacy issues, intellectual property, copyright, and policy development within the library and information science field.

Alexandria: Journal of Library and Information Science welcomes original research articles, literature reviews, case studies, and theoretical discussions that contribute to the advancement of knowledge in the field. All submissions undergo a rigorous peer-review process to ensure the highest quality of scholarship.

By publishing in Alexandria, researchers and practitioners have the opportunity to share their findings and insights with a global audience, fostering collaboration and innovation in the ever-evolving field of library and information science. The journal serves as a valuable resource for scholars, professionals, and students seeking the latest developments and trends in the field.