Call for Paper, Editor and reviewer Alexandria: Journal of Library and Information Science


Are you passionate about the world of Library and Information Science? Do you have valuable insights and research to contribute to the field? Alexandria: Journal of Library and Information Science invites you to participate in our Call for Paper, Editor, and Reviewer.

Alexandria is a prestigious academic journal dedicated to advancing knowledge and understanding in the realm of Library and Information Science. We provide a platform for scholars, researchers, and professionals to share their innovative ideas, discoveries, and experiences.

If you have conducted original research, developed theoretical frameworks, or implemented practical solutions in the field, we invite you to submit your papers to Alexandria. We welcome contributions that cover a wide range of topics, including but not limited to:

  • Information organization and retrieval
  • Digital libraries and archives
  • Knowledge management
  • Information literacy
  • Data management and analytics
  • Information technology and infrastructure
  • User experience and human-computer interaction
  • Information ethics and policy

In addition to papers, Alexandria is also seeking qualified individuals to join our esteemed editorial board. As an editor, you will play a crucial role in shaping the journal's content, reviewing submissions, and ensuring the highest standards of academic rigor. If you possess a strong background in Library and Information Science, editorial experience, and a commitment to scholarly excellence, we encourage you to apply.


Furthermore, Alexandria is looking for dedicated reviewers to evaluate the quality and relevance of submitted manuscripts. As a reviewer, you will contribute your expertise and insights to the peer review process, helping to maintain the journal's high standards. If you have expertise in one or more areas of Library and Information Science and are passionate about fostering academic dialogue, we welcome your application as a reviewer.

To participate in Alexandria's Call for Paper, Editor, and Reviewer, please visit our form  at

Don't miss this opportunity to make an impact in the field of Library and Information Science. Join Alexandria: Journal of Library and Information Science and contribute to the growth of knowledge and understanding in this dynamic discipline.