Withdrawal Ethics of Manuscript

This scientific article is published in the journal financial and behavioural accounting (JFBA) if the submitted or published manuscript wants to be withdrawn for the following reasons:

  1. If the author wants to withdraw an article that has been submitted, the author must make a statement of withdrawal of the manuscript addressed to the editor-in-chief along with an explanation of the reason for the withdrawal and then sign on 10,000 stamp duty.
  2. Manuscripts of articles that have been published cannot be withdrawn for any reason. However, if in the future the article is subject to unreliable findings, either as a result of errors (e.g., data fabrication) or errors in the manufacturing process (e.g., miscalculations or experimental errors) found to have been previously published elsewhere without cross-reference, without permission, or proper justification (i.e., cases of over-publication) and fatal plagiarism. With this, publishers can cancel and recall by following the Guidelines for revocation of the Publication Ethics Committee (COPE).