Published: 2021-11-15



The Effect of Technological Innovation on Employee Performance in Pandemic Era: Case from Banking Industry in Indonesia

  •  Sekar Wulan Prasetyaningtyas
  •   Aishah Aishah
  •   Brenda Hansen
  •   Deviana Kuspriandani

Page 122-136

Innovations in Coffee: Patents Reveal in Indonesia

  •  Maidina Maidina
  •   Ferianto Ferianto
  •   Tommy Hendrix

Page 137-150

The Effect of Green Marketing Function on Purchase Intention Through Corporate Image

  •  Zuwan Nisfu Nahar
  •   Yunita Budi Rahayu Silintowe

Page 151-163

How to Improve Scientific Publication Performance of Private University Lecturers: an Empirical Analysis on Individual and Institutional Factors

  •  Mairani Harsasi
  •   Manuntun Parulian Hutagaol
  •   Lukman M Baga
  •   Illah Sailah

Page 164-179

Environmental Uncertainty and Manager's Personnel Value Effect on Environmental Disclosure

  •  Luk Luk Fuadah
  •   Yulia Saftiana
  •   Umi Kalsum

Page 180-191

Village Fund Financial Fraud Prevention Model Using Analytical Hierarchy Process Method

  •  Muhamad Taqi
  •   Tubagus Ismail
  •   Meutia Meutia
  •   Sabaruddinsah Sabaruddinsah
  •   Bustanul Arifin

Page 203-216

Information Technology Adoption by Internal Auditors in Public Sector: Antesedents and Consequences

  •  Stefani Made Ayu Artharini Koesanto
  •   Fitria Husnatarina
  •   Rahmaddian Rahmaddian
  •   Faizal Madya

Page 217-233

Reflections on Teacher Job Satisfaction: The Role of Principal Supervision, Organizational Culture, Motivation, and Compensation

  •  Darwin Lie
  •   Sherly Sherly
  •   Edy Dharma
  •   Emi Wakhyuni
  •   Acai Sudirman

Page 234-248

Business Model Formulation of Social-Commerce Based Influencer on Instagram Platform

  •  M. Ardhya Bisma
  •   Aditia Sovia Pramudita

Page 249-264