Focus and Scope


The Jurnal Pendidikan Ekonomi Kontemporer is a premier peer-reviewed and open-access journal, dedicated to publishing high-quality and pioneering scientific contributions in distance economic education. This journal focuses on interdisciplinary research and book reviews, contributing significantly to the field of economic education practiced and theorized remotely.


The Jurnal Pendidikan Ekonomi Jarak Jauh accepts submissions that align with the following areas. 

  • Economic Education Methodologies
  • Curriculum Development for Distance Learning in Economics
  • Innovative Teaching and Learning Strategies in Economic Education
  • Technology Integration in Economic Education
  • Distance Learning Tools and Platforms for Economic Education
  • Assessment and Evaluation Methods in Distance Economic Education
  • Educational Leadership and Policy in Distance Economic Education
  • Research in Distance Economic Education
  • Online Learning Community Engagement
  • Digital Literacy and Numeracy in Economic Education