Published: 2020-02-13



What the Factors Differentiates Bond Ratings?

  •  Rubianto Pitoyo
  •   Afriany

Page 99-111

Analysis of Knowledge Sharing Using Canonical Correlation Toward Organizational Innovation

  •  Vebi Dewi Supartini
  •   Anggraini Sukmawati
  •   Elisa Anggraeni

Page 112-127

SMEs Development Strategy of Footwear Business

  •  Syufriadi Ibrahim
  •   Dodik Ridho Nurrochmat
  •   Agus Maulana

Page 128-140

Islamic Commercial Banks and Sharia Business Units; How Efficient Are They?

  •  Septian Indra Kusuma
  •   Apriani Dorkas Rambu Atahau

Page 141-152

Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction in the Apiculture-Based Agritourism

  •  Abel Gandhy
  •   Michael Chang
  •   Siti Rahmi

Page 153-165

Predictors Employee Performance In Indonesian Manufacturing Company Using Path Anlysis

  •  Agustina Ekasari
  •   Jasanta Peranginangin

Page 166-180

The Effect of Disrupting Changes on Senior Lecturers Performance

  •  prayitno prayitno
  •   Sutrisno
  •   Mahben Jalil

Page 181-193

The Value Relevance of Intellectual Capital and Ownership Structure on the SMEs Performance

  •  Noorina Hartati
  •   Rini Dwiyani Hadiwidjaja

Page 194-205