Author Guidelines

Articles can be submitted in English or Indonesian. Manuscripts submitted that do not match the Manilkara journal template will be returned to the author for correction. The articles should be an original research findings that are in accordance with the focus and scope of the Journal and has novelty. Journal of Manilkara does not accept articles that have been published or submitted to other journals. If the submitted article consists of several authors, all co-authors will be notified. Every article that is sent will be given a specific number for correspondence purpose. Articles that have been reviewed will be sent to the author with comments and publication decision through the OJS system.

Authors must also ensure that the articles have less than 20% similarity score based on Turnitin, PlagScan, or OUoriginal apps. If in the future it is known that the article has been published in another journal, the article will be annulled and the author will be blacklisted. If the article is published in Indonesian, the title and abstract should use 2 (two) languages, namely Indonesian and English.

Articles to be published in the Manilkara Journal follow the writing requirements with the following main structure.


Number of words, pages, font, type, and size

Articles are typed using Arial font with a size according to the template either in bahasa or in english, 1.15 spaces apart and one column on A4 paper, with a distance of 3 cm from the left, 3 cm from the top, 2 cm from the right and 2 cm from the bottom. The maximum number of pages is 15 pages or 3000-5000 words. Each page is numbered sequentially starting from the title page to the last page. Articles are written with the arrangement of sentences under the rules of formal scientific writing according to the General Guidelines for Indonesian Spelling (PUEBI).