Author Guidelines

1. Introduction

Original research articles are preferable. However, other types of manuscripts such as review, including book review, conceptual or theoretical framework, and philosophical view, are also welcome. Articles should be systemized as follows: Introduction (should include the literature review), Methods, Findings and Discussion (please include the analysis in this section), and Concluding Remarks (please include the recommendations, if any, here). The typing format of manuscript is as follows: one spacing, font type Arial 11 pts, A4 paper size, use Word for Windows (preferably the 1997-2003 version), maximum of 1000 words in length.

2. How to Write the Title

The article title should be written with left alignment, fonts of Arial 14 pts, and a maximum of 14 words. Author name/s should be placed under the article title with title case format, no academic or other titles included, completed with the affiliated institution names.

3. How to Write the Abstract

Abstract is a very brief summary of the article, so it should include the problem statement, aim/s, methods, analysis, results, and conclusion. For article in Bahasa Indonesia, abstract should be written in both Bahasa Indonesia and English. The maximum length of abstract is 250 words. Indonesian abstract (abstrak) should use Arial fonts 10 pts, while the English abstract should be written in Arial fonts 10 pts. The writing format for key words is the same as that for abstract; however, key words should be written in italics.

Abstract: Manuscripts should written in Bahasa Indonesia and have abstract in both English and Bahasa Indonesia. The content of abstract should include research objective/s, methods, results, and conclusion with a maximum length of 250 words and is completed with at least three key words in alphabetical order.

Keywords: Journal, Region, City, Development (In this section, for the abstract that is written in English, the keywords part must be written in English also).

4. How to Write the Body of Article

The article should be written with justify alignment using Arial fonts, 11 pts. The margin format should be 30 mm top, 30 mm bottom, 30 mm right, and 30 mm left. Header and footer margin is 15 mm. The paper size is A4.

5. Tables and Figures

Title of Table/Figure should well represent the content but be concise at maximum of 12 words. The title of table/figure should be written in bold, center alignment, using Arial Nova 11 pts, while the source of table/figure should be acknowledged immediately after the title in italics using Arial Nova, 11 pts, center alignment. For tables, the title and the source should be placed before the table, while for figures the title and the source should be after the figure. Contents of tables, must be written in Arial font with 9 pts for sizing.

6. Acknowledgement

Any person, institution, and/or other party having contributed in the completion of the manuscript can be acknowledged. For a research based article, at least the funding source/s of the research should be acknowledged.

7. How to Write the References

References should be written in one spacing using Arial 11 pts. Reference must be written with Mendeley APA 6th style ( Examples of references can be seen below. Please use Aplication Manager References such as EndNoteMendeleyZotero, ect.


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