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JOM is a media of information and communication for practitioners, researchers, and academics who are involved and pay attention to the development of the organization and management. Published by the Institute for Research and Community Service, Open University.

ISSN: 2442-9155 (Online) | ISSN: 2085-9686 (Printed)

Vol. 17 No. 1 (2021)

Published: 2021-06-02

Does Friday-Monday Dance with Harmony?

  •  Said Kelana Asnawi
  •   Chandra Wijaya
  •   Dergibson Siagian
  •   Salam Fadillah Alzah

Page 1-16

Organizational Citizenship Behavior on Nurses : The Role of Organizational Climate and Commitment

  •  Abdhy Aulia Adnans
  •   Sherry Hadiyani
  •   Siti Zahreni
  •   Fahmi Fahmi

Page 32-41

The Effect of Financial and Non-Financial Indicators on the Profitability of Islamic Commercial Banks in Indonesia

  •  Rafika Mardillasari
  •   Sufyati HS
  •   Ali Muktiyanto

Page 42-52

Factors That Influence Public Interest In Choosing Islamic Bank Financing Products

  •  Syahriyatul Muharromah
  •   Nurul Huda
  •   Muslikh Muslikh
  •   Nova Rini

Page 53-66

Factors Affecting The Selection of Fair Value Methods for Investment Property

  •  Herlin Tundjung Setijaningsih
  •   Sarwo Edy Handoyo
  •   Novia Sundari

Page 111-129

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