Published: 2020-06-30


Analysis of CAMEL Components and Commercial Bank Performance: Panel Data Analysis

  •  Kee Guek Ping
  •   Suhal Kusairi

Page 1-10

The Effect of Crude Oil Price Shocks on Indonesia Stock Market Performance

  •  Indra Darmawan
  •   Hermanto Siregar
  •   Dedi Budiman Hakim
  •   Adler Haymans Manurung

Page 11-23

Does Black Monday appear on The Indonesia Stock Exchange?

  •  Said Kelana Asnawi
  •   Giovanni Salim
  •   Wahid Abdul Malik

Page 24-35

The Understanding Customer Satisfaction on Internet Banking: A Case Study in Indonesia

  •  Ronny
  •   Mochamad Nurhadi
  •   Aniek Maschudah Ilfitriah

Page 36-46

The Determinants of Purchasing Decisions: The Case of Snack Products

  •  Eristia Lidia Paramita
  •   Wahyuni Ratna Sanjaya

Page 71-82