Author Guidelines



The title should be short, clear, and informative, but does not exceed 12 words. It has to be pinpoint with the issues discussed. The article title does not contain any uncommon abbreviations. The main ideas should be written first and followed then by its explanations. Manuscript title written in capital letter wih Times New Roman 14 font bold.


ABSTRACT [Times New Roman 11 bold and itallic]

Abstract is written in Indonesian and English. Abstract must be clear, descriptive, and must provide a brief description of the research problems. Abstract includes the reasons for selecting the topic or the importance of the research topic, research methods and a summary of research results. The abstract should end with a comment about the importance of the results or a brief conclusion. Abstract is written in one paragraph, no more than 200 words. (Times New Roman 11, single spaced, and italicized).

Keywords: A maximum of 5 keywords separated by commas, (according to the scope of the article and journal). [Times New Roman 11 single spaced font, and italic]


INTRODUCTION [Times New Roman 12 bold]

The general format of articles to be published in the Vocal Journal is articles prepared in Indonesian in the form of softcopy with A4 paper size format. Edges: top = 2.54 cm, bottom = 2.54 cm, left side = 2.54 cm, right side = 2.54 cm. Type The column width on A4 is 8.6 cm. The distance between the two columns is 0.8 cm. The size of the indented paragraph is 0.5 cm. Writing articles with the font [Times New Roman, 12, normal], spaced 1. The minimum number of pages is 4 pages and a maximum of 10 pages.

The introduction includes the background on a problem as well as the urgency and rationalization of research activities. Research objectives and problem-solving plans are presented in this section. Relevant literature review and hypothesis development are included in this section. If there is relevant previous research, it can also be discussed in this section. [Times New Roman, 12, normal].



The research method describes the approach, activity design, scope or object, main materials and tools, location, data collection techniques, operational definitions of research variables, and analysis techniques. [Times New Roman, 12, normal], 1 space.



This section presents the research results. Research results can be supplemented with tables, graphs (pictures), and/or charts. The discussion section describes the results of data processing, interprets findings logically, links them to relevant reference sources. [Times New Roman, 12, normal], space 1. Image format png/jpg. Table creation can be customized with table format example below


Tabel 1. Table Format Example
















Source: Data Processing Results, 2022



The conclusion contains a brief summary of the results of the research and discussion. [Times New Roman, 12, normal], 1 space.



Contains thanks to the funding agency/individual, and/or those who have assisted in the implementation of research and writing, both research funding, scholarships, etc. This section is optional. [Times New Roman, 12, normal], 1 space.



The references section must include all relevant published works and all references listed must be cited in the text. Authors should check the accuracy of all listed citation references, as Vocal journal will not be held responsible for incorrect in-text reference citations.

It is recommended that the writing of manuscripts and citations referred to in this manuscript use the APA style. The minimum number of references is 15 references with the provisions of publication in the last 5 years, 70% sourced from national/international journals, 30% books, proceedings etc. [Times New Roman, 12, normal], 1 space.