Author Guideline


Articles accepted must meet the following requirements: are the results of their own research using good and accountable research methods or are literature studies with appropriate rules.


The general guidelines of article writing in Food Scientia are:

  1. Scientific articles submitted are the results of their own research and have never been published in other publication media which are stated in the "Author's Statement"
  2. Does not contain any elements of plagiarism.
  3. Articles are written in Microsoft word (.doc) with A4 size paper (210 x297 mm), with top, bottom, and right margins of 3 cm and left margin of 3.5 cm.
  4. Articles are written in Indonesian and English as many as 3000-6000 words using Times New Roman (TNR) 12, 1.5 spacing.
  5. Articles in the form of research results in the laboratory or in the field are written containing several aspects consisting of: title, abstract (Indonesian and English) and keywords, introduction, research methods, results and discussion, conclusion, and bibliography.
  6. Articles in the form of literature studies are written containing several aspects of the title, abstract and keywords, introduction, sections with brief sub-headings, and a maximum of 30 references.
  7. Words from a foreign or foreign language are expressed in Italic format. Abbreviations must follow the International System (SI) symbols and those recommended by the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC). Abbreviations must be defined in parentheses after their first mention in the text. The unit of measurement must also follow the applicable International System. Standard units of measurement and chemical symbols of elements can be used without definition
  8. References must use APA styling 6.
  9. We suggest authors to use citation manager such as Mendeley to comply with Ecology style
  10. Editors have the right to modify manuscript without altering its content. They also have the right to refuse manuscript that is considered to have not fulfil the required criteria.